Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Release...

While many are anxiously awaiting the DVD release of Toy Story 3 next Tuesday, this Tuesday's release is the one that I am excited about.

I feel it only appropriate to devote this blog post to my favorite cookbook author, whose 7th cookbook is being released today...Ina Garten (a.k.a. The Barefoot Contessa).

When I got married several years ago I got four copies of The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. I set aside all four copies (none of them had a receipt, of course) and decided that I would add them to the mountain of other cookbooks that I had received at my showers. At that point in my life I enjoyed cooking, but I did not pour over cookbooks the way that I do now, instead, they were something that I would, "get around to".

When I did finally pull my head out of the sand and got to one of the many copies of The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook I quickly began to feel like I had wasted time in not having made these recipes.

The first recipe I tried was for onion dip. It involved caramelizing onions and adding them to other, equally simple ingredients. I was making the dip for a New Year's Eve party and in all honestly I was just looking for something easy. The result was incredible! Everyone that tasted the dip at the party wanted the recipe, and I found myself noting which of my good friends liked it so that I could re-gift my extra three copies of the cookbook.

What my wedding guests had discovered that I had not yet was that this cookbook was a cooking revolution...

I proceeded to cook my way through Ina's first cookbook Julie & Julia style and enjoyed every recipe.

I had to have more.

That year for Christmas my husband's Aunt gave me Barefoot Contessa Family Style (the fact that I did not yet have children made me wonder why she picked that particular cookbook, but I am glad that she did). That cookbook only wet my appetite, literally, for more. Over the next several years I collected the other four cookbooks that she has out: Barefoot In Paris, Back to Basics, Parties, and At Home and was equally as impressed each time.

I started to watch her show and soon realized that I found her both charming and annoying all at the same time. I loved her desire to use the best ingredients and loved the charm of her Long Island Life, but I found her little Long Island Lock Jaw and relationship with Jeffery a little over the top. All in all though, I find her to be my favorite Food Network Personality even with the annoying traits...we all have them. (If you think that you don't you should no longer read this blog).

One of her slightly annoying catch phrases, "How easy was that?" is actually the title for her new book. I love the concept and the title, even if I do find it irritating in the spoken form.

Do not misread the irritation in this...

This is a love letter to the Barefoot Contessa.

Her food is my inspiration and her fabulous approach to entertaining has inspired many of my best parties.

I pre-ordered my copy of How Easy Was That? and it will arrive at my door via Amazon (prime) any moment now...I cannot wait to report back at some point on the fantastic creations that my favorite cookbook author has come up with now...

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  1. I like Ina too! My favorite line is "until it's the size of peas". It seams to be the technical "size" for a lot of ingredients, but primarily when making pie crusts. Of which Ina...I don't care "how easy was that", Pillsbury makes a darn good refrigerated pie crust. THAT'S WHAT I CALL EASY!