Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It totally lived up to the fantasy! It will definitely (as long as it tests well) be included in the cookbook!

Hee yaw! The bread landed butter side up in our house tonight. Now, time for some sleep...


  1. have me totally starving right now. I WANT this recipe and you're gonna make me wait for the book?????
    love the blog btw <3

  2. Wait! Don't you mean the cupcake landed icing-side up on Anna's couch?! LOL :)

  3. You maybe crazy, but you have found your calling. I can't imagine being capable of doing what you do. I'm more of the anticook. Quick, easy, balanced and get it over with.

    Hope you include recipes for people who hate to cook but need to(kids). Oh, and pleeeease the temperatures in both Cº and Fº, measurements in metric and non, for those of us who live overseas. PLEASE

    Loving your blog!

  4. Good idea with the temps and metric conversions...I may need help from you if I do that though!